About Prescientx - Barry Hunt

  • @ESL_fairy - Oct 30, 2022

    This is the #BreatheMask by @Prescientx1. It’s from Cambridge! Lightweight, comfy, easy to sing/speak/teach/present in, and achieves an excellent seal with the silicone (no foggy glasses!). Costs $50 and then you only have to buy replacement filters. Less waste than my N95s. :)

  • @HeyMrSF - Oct 22, 2022

    Signed, someone in Virginia, USA.

  • @sonicmyst Sept 28, 2022

    It feels like I’m almost breathing straight air. I had to check multiple times to see if it was leaking by doing the seal test. It’s a tight seal. I can smile and talk and it’s light as a feather. I can’t believe how amazing this mask is. Cheers!

  • @millionthmatt - Oct 25, 2022

    I was stunned at how comfortable and breatheable it is. It also feels like normal speaking volume and articulation can be heard more clearly. Big fan!

  • @dale_hennessey - Oct 15, 2022

    [breathe] mask from @Prescientx1 in Canada is great. It's easier to breathe thru than a disposible N95 which is great for me as an asthmatic and the flat-front makes fit-testing easy just by putting a piece of paper over and sucking in.

  • @SusanLeeLaw 09/18/2022

    I've been wearing mine for a few months. Never going back. Amazing seal, remarkable breathability, so much peace of mind.

  • @bethechange1682 09/14/2022

    I am an essential worker so having to be in person working, the mask is light and effortless, especially with my prescription glasses. I don’t need to adjust it while talking and it doesn’t fog up my glasses. I got the large size so it’s slightly big but the seal is perfect

  • @alexandratscott - 09/12/2022

    fresh out of mask fit testing! of the four masks I tried, only @Prescientx1’s breathe mask passed. my only regret now is not ordering the mask in an opaque colour. other than that, a stellar recommendation from @jasmith_yorku. I’ve already taught in it for two hours comfortably.

  • @CJ_Dewing Sept 09,2022

    This is the best thing ever. It is so comfortable, doesn’t press against the face, and my glasses never fog up. I often forget that I’m wearing it.

  • Tim Abray - 7/19/2022

    This mask is a damn grand slam home run. So light, really comfortable, great airflow that feels fresh on your face, affordable and easy to maintain. And people always ask for details.

  • Dr. Catherine Scott - 7/14/2022

    Very pleased with the fit of my new [breathe] mask from ⁦@Prescientx1 (even when smiling)!

    That it makes me look/feel somewhat like Immortan Joe may be a feature rather than a bug, if it encourages folks to keep their distance!

  • Mark Fan - 07/23/2022

    Thank you @Prescientx1 for making the Breathe mask! Incredibly comfortable and best seal out of everything I’ve tried to date. Took it out for a test run today and loved it.

  • Ziad F. - 04/30/2022

    I recommend people buy [breathe] now, then decide on NanoMask later.
    Compare inhalation resistance to N95 max 343 Pa / NaCl test:
    $3 / 100 Pa / NaCl test
    $2 / 50 Pa / polystyrene latex test

  • Carrie - 07/14/2022

    WOW - got my breathe mask @Prescientx1 and what a world of a difference. My GVS mask is amazing to keep me protected, but this one is so light weight. It’ll be perfect for teaching and school in the fall. Thank you @BarryHunt008 !

  • Stephanie - 10/06/2022

    I've been struggling to find a mask that's protective and truly comfortable and breathable to use, and this is perfect. It's light, easy to put on and take off, and my family can hear me when I speak.