Aranet4 pro has Wi-Fi connection capacity, you can connect multiple monitors to one base and all of them can be monitored and data viewed on a website in the Cloud app. Data can also be shared publicly on a browser if desired as well.

Yes, that’s what you would need in order to display the readings on our own platform for your staff, and you would also need to subscribe to the Aranet Cloud system.

The Aranet mobile app can be used only through Android or IOS based systems. If using a Base station, that information can be viewed on a browser on any device that supports a browser.

Yes the Aranet4 CO2 monitors are portable devices, so you can take them with you to measure the air quality wherever you are.


Both are excellent masks and provide great filtration and protection so it's more of a personal choice in the look and feel and the purpose it's being worn for. The biggest difference is that the [breathe]™ mask has replaceable filters.

The moisture from breathing on the inside surface of the inner layer has little effect on performance. The impact on electrostatic charge is minimal as the moisture is not in direct contact with the filter layer and the filter also relies heavily on interception and impaction in addition to electrostatic charge to capture bioaerosols. Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) tests will remain ~99.9+%.

Filtration Efficiency

This will change depending on the use of the masks/filters. If you are using your mask occasionally, like 2-3 hours a day, 2-3 times a week and air vent after each use, you can use the same filter for up to 6 months. If you are using it in a dirty/dusty environment (such as mines, or construction sites) 8 hours a day and everyday, we recommend you to change it at least monthly.

The NanoMask™ has been tested and certified as a medical mask so we make those independent testing results available. The [breathe]™ mask is being sold as a consumer mask so has not gone through that same certification process. The [breathe]™ masks and filters have all been tested in our internal lab to meet the levels of filtration and pressure differential indicated.

Bioaerosol filters are for COVID and other airborne diseases.

Particulate filters work for COVID too but they’re not quite as easy to breathe through (although the [breathe]™ particulate filter is easier breathing than other brands though). They’re mostly for construction, mining, dirt, soot, and smoke.

Due to the nature of the product, we unfortunately are unable to accept any returns of masks or filters.

The [breathe]™ filters are not washable, just the elastomeric mask is.

Download: CCGHC - Prescientx - Elastomeric Respirators - July 2022.pdf

As we transition from [breathe]™ to [breathe]™ 2, the packaging has changed. Please check the bag that contains the [breathe]™ mask for straps as they may still be installed.


Replacement filter kits are available for sale on our website.

Yes it should be adequate for that space.

Shipping & Suppliers

If the backorder situation will be a short one, we would typically wait that extra day or two and then send the whole order at once to help reduce the shipping costs. If it looks like it’s going to be a longer time for the backorder to be filled, we would reach out to the customer to discuss the situation and come up with a suitable solution that works best for everyone.

Prescient is the only source of selling and sadly we cannot ship our products to the US.

Usually next day, but could be 2 days depending on the product and how it is being delivered.

We offer many shipping options and rates depending on how fast the customer would like the product delivered and what product it is. General rule of thumb is one day per province.

Generally 1 week, but depends on the location, company being used and the rate the customer is willing to pay.

For smaller packages we use UPS, Fedex, Purolator, Canada Post. For larger shipments we use a variety of shipping companies depending on location and rates.