About Us

PrescientxWelcome to Prescientx, a Canadian engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that was launched in 2019 by Barry Hunt. Barry has facilitated the implementation of innovation in healthcare over the years by being a leader in the development of national standards in Canada at Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as well as global standards at the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Barry also provides leadership in the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES), Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC), the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), Coalition for Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction (CHAIR), and most recently the Canadian Association of PPE Manufacturers (CAPPEM). 

As a Licensed Health Canada Medical Device Manufacturer, we manufacture reusable respirators, filters and other PPE for the medical industry. 

Sometimes business as usual becomes anything but usual and you need to adapt and find new ways to create a safe and secure environment. That is where Prescientx comes in, as we develop and market infection prevention technologies to Canada, the U.S. and U.K.  Our commitment to work collaboratively has resulted in ground-breaking progress in the fight against hospital acquired infections and promises to transform the infection prevention industry. 

Engineered Infection Prevention (EIP)

  • Air Disinfectors
  • Air Sensors - CoVID, CO2, UV254
  • AutoUV Room Disinfection
  • UV Robots
  • UV Device Disinfectors
  • Self-disinfecting Hand Hygiene Sinks
  • HVAC - UV, RH
  • Copper-Coated Toilet Seats

Prescientx - The Future of Safe Spaces!