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[breathe]™ Reusable Mask - Single

[breathe]™ Reusable Mask - Single

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Breathing Is Believing™

[breathe]™ from Prescientx takes comfort, fit and protection to the next level by combining advanced materials, design, and manufacturing. 

Proudly Made in Canada.

  • All Black [breathe]™ Masks are made of TPE Material
  • All Clear Small [breathe]™ Masks are made of TPE Material 
  • All Grey Small and Large [breathe]™ Masks are made of TPE Material 
  • All Grey Medium and Clear Medium and Large [breathe]™ Masks are made of Silicone

All masks with TPE material are MRI Free (NO METAL NOSE PIECE)

Colours may vary between TPE and Silicone materials

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is the same material we use for NanoMasks™

 ***Mask Products Do Not Ship to USA***

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Dress up [breathe]™ Mask with your own breathable fashion fabrics, view filter size/dimensions.

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  • [breathe]™ Mask Comes With:

    1 Mask

    5 Bioaerosol Filters (1i nstalled+4 in package)

    1 Gasket (installed)

    1 Trim Cover (installed)

    1 set of Ear Straps (installed)

    1 Ear Saver Clip (installed)

    1 Head Strap

  • [breathe]™ 2 Mask Comes With:

    1 [breathe]™ Base Frame

    1 [breathe]™ 2 Filter Module (installed) consisting of:

    [breathe]™ 2Filter Interface (black)

    [breathe]™ 2Trim Cover

    5 [breathe]™ 2 Bioaerosol Filters (1 installed+4 in package)

    1 set of Ear Straps (installed)

    1 Ear Saver Clip (installed) 

    1 Head Strap

  • Imagine a Lightweight Reusable Mask: [breathe]™

    Breathes easily

    Forms to your face

    Seals without effort

    Is easy to wear all day

    Doesn't fog up glasses or goggles

    Can be dressed up with your own breathable fashion fabrics

  • [breathe]™ Features:

    Soft, comfortable, long-lasting silicone seal

    Advanced free-breathing filtration

    >95% PFE standard

    Latex free

    [breathe]™ Weighs only 65g

    [breathe]™ 2 Weighs only 80g

    Available in black, clear and grey colours - small, medium, large sizes (check sizing templates below)

    Proudly made in Canada.

    Designed to fit all approved adult face sizes.

  • Sizing Your [breathe]™ Mask

    Please measure the distance:

    From the bridge of your nose (where glasses sit) to the underside of your chin in a relaxed position.

  • Depth Size Comparison of Your [breathe]™ Mask

    You can find the comparison of the depth in Small - Medium - Large sizes of [breathe]™ masks.

  • Dimensions of the Filters

    The dimensions are same for both Bioaerosol and Particulate filters.

    All in Milimeters,