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VK103 Virus Killer Room Air Disinfector

VK103 Virus Killer Room Air Disinfector

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VK103 Virus Killer Room Air Disinfector

Optimized for Positive Pressure Environments

  • Coverage 150m(1615ft2) 
  • Remote control included
  • Remote control batteries not included


• All-in-One: Unrivalled performance against organic pathogens — viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi — as well as allergens, irritants, smoke, and VOCs.

• Single Air Pass: Decontamination performance measured in only a single air pass.

• Airflow Control: VIRUSKILLER™ precision airflow control draws contaminated air away from occupants, expelling clean, fresh air into the breathing zone of the room.

• Plug and Play: Simple operation means out-of-the-box indoor air safety, with no complex installation, setup, or renovation required

The Viruskiller technology was tested against the following major airborne viruses: Poliovirus, Influenza Virus, Adenovirus, and Coronavirus DF2 by the Institute of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine National Kangwon University.

Testing proves a near 100% reduction for these viruses. The results for these airborne pathogens are the same for all of the Viruskiller range.

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  • Intake

    The VK AIR (VK 401) captures the most polluted air in a room by creating an airflow pattern that continuously draws contaminated air away from the breathing zone.

  • Filtration

    The VK AIR (VK 401)’s multi-stage filtration features a pre-filter, granular activated carbon, and an H13 HEPA filter to remove coarse, fine, and ultrafine particulates and VOCs.

  • Decontamination

    Our patented UV-C Reactor Chamber uses a powerful photochemical process that safely deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria for real-time indoor air hygiene.

  • Air Delivery

    The VK AIR (VK 401) can be placed at head height where occupants of a room congregate, allowing for fast delivery of clean air directly where people can benefit.

  • The best clean air performance in a compact package.

    VK AIR (VK 401) is the versatile, high-performance device designed to deliver crystal clear air where it matters most. Get exceptional air quality in the spaces where you live and work.

  • Precision indoor air hygiene.

    The VK AIR (VK 401) is built to protect the breathing space in small and medium-sized rooms up to 90m2. Advanced yet unobtrusive, it provides visible reassurance and premium air all day to employees, customers, visitors and staff.

  • ColumComprehensive indoor air hygiene.

    The VK AIR (VK 401) has been laboratory tested to reduce a host of representative airborne viral, bacterial, and fungal strains, and features premium filter technology for the reduction of physical and chemical pollutants.

  • Placement versatility for clean air anywhere.

  • Nothing to sneeze at.

    The VK AIR (VK 401) features a premium, easily replaceable H13 HEPA filter to trap daily and seasonal particulate matter. Our certified melt-blown HEPA material traps particulates, dust, pollen, pet dander, and dirt with up to 99.98% efficiency.

    Wiev Filter Report 
  • Switch on, breathe in.

    Plug-and-play operation with no complex setup or configuration. The VK AIR (VK 401) features simple controls suitable for high-traffic public spaces and no distractions for retail or commercial staff.