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VK PRO (VK102) Virus Killer Room Air Disinfector

VK PRO (VK102) Virus Killer Room Air Disinfector

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The most powerful commercial air decontamination technology.

Laboratory proven to destroy airborne viruses and bacteria by up to 99.99999%1, the VK Pro is the ultimate clean air device for large, open-plan and public spaces of all kinds.

  • Coverage 280m(3014ft2) 
  • Remote control included
  • Remote control batteries not included

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  • Intake

    The VK Pro continuously draws contaminated air away from the breathing zone in a room by creating a downward airflow, pulling exhaled air away from occupants.

  • Filtration

    The VK Pro’s multi-stage filtration features a pre-filter, granular activated carbon, and dual H14 HEPA filters to remove coarse, fine, and ultrafine particulates and VOCs.

  • Decontamination

    Our patented UV-C Reactor Chamber uses a powerful, safe photochemical process that actively deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria for real-time indoor air hygiene.

  • Air Delivery

    The VK Pro returns air directly to the breathing zone at head height, providing a constant flow of clean air without the delay required for an entire room’s air to be exchanged.

  • The best air in the business

    The VK Pro features our most advanced filtration and active decontamination technology, delivering hygienically clean indoor air in businesses, schools, and open-plan spaces up to 280m2.

  • VK Pro destroys airborne viruses and bacteria by up to 99.99999%

    VK Pro uses advanced, multi-stage purification and active decontamination for cutting-edge clean air performance, and features a unique airflow and air delivery system for real-time protection.

  • Comprehensive indoor air hygiene

    The VK Pro has been laboratory tested to reduce a host of representative airborne viral, bacterial, and fungal strains and features premium filter technology for the reduction of physical and chemical pollutants.

  • Targeted air delivery at head height.

    The VK Pro is designed to provide clean air to people, not just to the room. The tower form factor means direct access to clean, fresh air for guests, staff, and visitors even in crowded or busy environments.

  • Cutting-edge air quality detection and response

    Radic8 custom air quality sensors detect physical pollutants such as particulates, dust, and pollen as well as chemical threats (volatile organic compounds or VOCs) with precision.

    The device intelligently responds to increased levels of indoor air pollution by regulating the fan speed in Auto mode, for hands-off operation and all-day peace of mind.

  • Safety, certified.

    Ozone free. No UV leakage. The VK Pro has achieved the highest levels of regulatory and compliance certification and adheres to rigorous global electrical, emissions and safety standards.3