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S300-G-MED2 UV Room Air Disinfector

S300-G-MED2 UV Room Air Disinfector

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S300 UV Room Air Disinfector

The S3000 GX MED2 is a portable ultraviolet air purifier with filters. The S300 GX MED2 is designed to filter and purify harmful pollutants and biological contaminants. It can also be used to get rid of odors, other chemical. It can be used in change room, clean room, clinics, dentist etc…

Combines high efficiency filter with high UV efficiency treatment: the lamp is parallel to the airflow and encase in a reflective aluminum case for better efficiency. UV lamp will provide high output germicidal UVC and UV-V oxidation to attack chemical and odours.

2 speed fan, 200 CFM & 300 CFM

Filter section (pre filter and HEPA): 12”x 16” (305mm x 407 mm)
(Remote control batteries not included.)

For large quantities, please contact for a quote.

SHIPPING EXTRA. Customers will be contacted prior to delivery with shipping fees.

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