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NanoMasks™ Head Straps

NanoMasks™ Head Straps

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Optional NanoMask™ head straps can be a good option for those that do not like ear straps.
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  • Imagine a lightweight reusable mask that:

    Breathes like it's not even there

    Forms to your face

    Seals without effort

    Stays cool and comfortable all day

    Doesn't fog up glasses or goggles

  • Features:

    Long-lasting TPE seal

    Advanced nanofiber filtration

    ASTM L3 rated

    Ear loop or headstrap configuration - adjustable 

    Latex free

  • Will NanoMask fit my face?

    NanoMask is designed to fit all approved adult face sizes.

    Width - 10 cm to 20 cm (cheekbones at widest point)

    Length - 9.5 cm to 14 cm (bridge of nose to under chin)

  • How do you clean your Nanomask?  

    Warm soapy water to remove oils, dust, dirt, and makeup from the elastomeric seal.   

  • How long will your NanoMask last? 

    Depends on use, environment, handling and care. 

    Typical daily 8h use - at least 1 month. 

    Typical occasional use - up to 6 months.  

  • Do I need to be fit-tested?

    No. According to Public Health Agency of Canada, fit testing is not required for respirators unless your employer mandates a respiratory protection program in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations.  

  • What is a seal-check?

    A seal-check is a way to make sure your respirator is well-fitted and leak-free. Simply cover your NanoMask with the palms of your hand, inhale quickly and exhale quickly. You should feel a vacuum created when inhaling and pressure when exhaling. It's good practice to perform a seal check every time you change filters and every time you don your NanoMask.

  • Why do I notice condensation inside my respirator in cold weather?

    This is normal. Exhaled breath is 100% saturated with water vapour and close to body temperature. All valveless respirators condense water vapour on the inside at room temperature. Condensation is more noticeable in elastomeric respirators than disposable respirators. Simply wipe away the condensation moisture with an absorbent disposable cloth from time-to-time. Note: If there is little or no condensation inside your respirator, it means your respirator is leaking.