Stop & Check, Don't Infect

The welloStationX is a hands-free, self-service, high-volume body temperature screening unit. When the station detects a person with an elevated temperature, an on-screen notification appears. Then, the individual’s time and date stamped photograph are emailed confidentially to your staff, helping your employees stay germ-free while preventing the potentially contagious person from spreading the infection to others.

For people with temperatures below the threshold , the welloStationX™ prints out an “I’m wello” sticker they can wear during their visit or workday, making their ”wello” status clear.

The welloStationX™ solution helps provide you with a barrier of defense against the spread of disease in three important ways:

  • Identifying potentially contagious people without risk to staff
  • Notifying personnel of visitors or employees who may be contagious
  • Help reduce the risk of infection spread by keeping potentially contagious people away from vulnerable populations

Clinically tested, FDA-Cleared, and proven in hospitals and care centers across the country, welloStationX™ provides temperature data that helps companies and care providers act before infections become epidemics.

*welloStationX does not diagnose or treat any conditions.  People found to have elevated temperatures are encouraged to reach out to their physician for an official diagnosis.