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Zoono® Microbe Shield

Zoono® Microbe Shield

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Zoono is colourless, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, non-corrosive and completely gentle for humans and animals, Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield is deadly for a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield is water-based and does not contain alcohol. When applied to a surface by spraying, wiping or ‘fogging’; Zoono® leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface. The product contains a molecule that, once dried and hardened, creates an active surface of microscopic pins and needles that can pierce and destroy harmful organisms.

The applications for this product are endless and can be used in spaces both small or large, as well as inside and outdoors. Zoono® is a highly effective treatment against cross-contamination by touch. Zoono® is quick to apply and dries/bonds to the surface to provide maximum, personal protection. It works equally as effective on steel, chrome, plastics plus both glass and LCD screens.

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