AutoUV Surface & Air Disinfection

Automated UV Disinfection

Sanuvox ASEPT.1X MAX

Fixed, Fully Automatic

The second generation of the world's first fully automatic fixed UVC Disinfection System utilizes smart sensor technology designed to disinfect patient bathrooms or equipment rooms after every use. 

Studies indicated that using UV as a surface disinfectant gives you a 99-99.9% reduction in MRSA and C.Diff when supplementing terminal cleans with UV room disinfection.
Top Innovation of the Year 2016 

In this study, the Sanuvox ASEPT.1X 1 UVC device (which includes two motion detectors, a magnetic door contact, and a microprocessor programmed to deliver a five-minute dose of UVC when the room is empty and the door closed) was evaluated. 

Prescientx advises we go a step further and use all air, water and surface EIP Equipment as a bundle as a way to reduce HAIs and prevent the spread of diseases.

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Asept.1X MAX

Asept.1X MAX

"The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has provided the following response: The Ministry recognizes that UV light is a proven and effective method of surface disinfection and provides funding for permanent UV light disinfection fixtures mounted on hospital walls."